UPVC Locks: Problems and Solutions

UPVC Locks: Problems and Solutions

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There are times when your UPVC locks malfunction for a period, and the problem could be anything. Knowing and understanding these problems will help you decide upon the need for repair or replacement. Whilst the issues look very easy to fix, it is still best to seek assistance from a local domestic locksmith. Common in doors that are either in the front or back of the house, UPVC locks require proper maintenance too. When not properly taken care of, problems are more likely to occur right away.UPVC Locks

Lock Issues and Their Solutions

When the lock is stuck or jammed, there are mainly two problems that could cause it. One is when the key won’t go in all the way or won’t turn. The main issue here is the failure of the Euro cylinder due to wear and tear. If so, the cylinder needs replacement to allow it to properly function again. The most common reasons why this happens include the wear and tear of the lock, the key was turned in the opposite direction causing the lock to be out of sync, and a cheap lock has been installed by the homeowner.

Another problem is when the key goes in and turns in the other direction only, disabling the door to open. This is usually a sign of a failed multi-point lock. Likewise, it could happen when the hook or bolt is jammed. The reason for this is the frame and doors do not fit properly or are misaligned. It could also be the handles of the lock have been forced, breaking the mechanism in the process. Finally, a last reason could be the constant slamming of the door or the expected wear and tear of products over time.

There are so many issues for UPVC locks that require attention right away. When these problems are not spotted at once, might worsen which could lead to more expenditure. It is advisable to contact a reliable locksmith when issues like this happen. Even the purchase of a UPVC lock requires professional help, as cheap, unreliable locks are prone to damage in a short period of time. Know the different lock types to fully understand what suits your home best.

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